PGZ - Permanent air supported tent

Field of application

This extremely lightweight tent is especially designed for rapid operations of fire brigades, rescue services and disaster control and can be applied at all weather conditions.

Standard equipment

  • Double-wall tent made of acrylate-coated polyester fabrics. An excellent insulation can be obtained by this double-wall design. No condensed water.
  • Equipped with permanent blowing-unit, adapted to the tent size.
  • Assembly on all types of ground, also on concrete or asphalt.
  • Rear and front with tent doors each closed by 3 zippers. The door parts can be rolled up seperately or as a whole
  • The inside colour can freely be chosen, with or without a transparent track
  • Lamps etc. can be attached at the ceiling area
  • The tent can be equipped with heating or airconditioning units and has 1 cutout for heating tube at each gable.



  • Flooring made of both-side PVC-coated fabrics
  • Separating walls to be installed in longitudinal and crosswise direction
  • Tent doors equipped with polyglass windows
  • Sluices in view of docking the tent to vehicles or to connect several tents in longitudinal direction
  • Bracing ropes for additional fixing at strong wind
  • Additional fixing by earth nails



Width: 7,5 m

Length: 4,0 m - 5,0 m - 6,0 m - 7,0 m - 8,0 m

(Further dimensions on demand)

Height (outer) of roof ridge: 3,70 m
Height (inner) of roof ridge: 3,25 m
Weight: 70 - 95 kg

Assembly time: 1 person with permanent blowing-unit within 3 minutes



olive green white anthracite red

(Further colours and dimensions available on request)