NBC protection for tents

NBC protection


The NBC Protection Systems can be applied at all climatic conditions and offer optimal and constant working conditions to the user and for the equipment.
Various material layers are combined to a multi-layer cover which includes various material properties and which is thus resistant against all known military and civil gases/fluids. Working areas which protect person and equipment against all environmental influences (like dust, moisture, noise etc.) are obtained due to a mechanical pressure-control system combined with a gastight air conditioning-/ heating-system as well as the cyclone-filter technology with micro filters, for use as IT, medical or tactical systems. Not only the individual components, but also the complete systems are approved and certified according to the known military requirements.

Low packing volume and short assembly times guarantee a rapid application with minor logistic preparation.

Colpro (Collective protection) system

consists of:

  • Entrance sluices: Multi-Stage-Airlock, Personal Airlock, Stretcher / Equipment Airlock or Container Airlock, LGZ Type 6 Colpro 300 5x8m - 
    NSN 8340-12-358-9647
    Such an CBRN-TFA can be used for 40-45 persons.
  • Overpressure-control unit
  • Protected working area
  • NBC-ventilation-unit with cyclone filter and fine particle filter
  • Gastight air conditioning unit with combined diesel heater
  • Pressure control system (individually adjustable)
  Connection of protected working areas
  Entrance sluice (Airlock) with admission control
NBC protected MultiPurposeTent   Entrance sluice connected to MultiPurposeTent