Energy Island - Solar off-grid power supply for tents

Electrical energy, during military deployment, is mainly won by fuel driven generators. Today a large part of this energy can be produced, clean and cost effective, by renewable energy. For this, Schall developed a system for refitting closely each Schall tent with a solar power supply.
A mobile solar off-grid power supply system is essentially made of six basic components: power generators (PV moduls), a storage battery pack, a solar inverter, an off-grid inverter, an adaption kit (individually designed for each type of tent) and a transport solution (which adapted to the existing transport concepts of the defence forces).


  • The adaption kit is individually designed for each type of tent. It can be installed without technical changes to the existing tent.

  • Solar inverter, off-grid inverter and battery pack are installed in an aluminium frame for transport and use.

  • Installation without any tools.

  • Installation on MPT II and inflatable tents from the ground floor.

  • Controller-inverter-battery unit immediately ready to use.

  • Set up of a 1,7 kW system on MPT II by two persons within 30 minutes.

  • No expert staff needed. Set up by skilled users.

  • Transport cases are the same or aligned to the existing transport cases of the tents.

  • Optional tent extensions provide additional space for solar generators and shadow areas for more efficiency of aircon units.

  • Simple remote monitoring from anywhere in the world by web server. System information delivered by e-mail. (optional)
Controller-inverter-battery unit  
Transport case  
Website for monitoring  


Tent extension for MPT II provides additional space for further solar modules and also a shadow area for storing material or placing aircon units. If aircon units are placed under a sun cover, they work more efficiently and need less power. Tent extension can be mounted to each existing MPT II without modification of the tent.