Forklift truck cabins

Whether forklift truck, road sweeper or electric tug, all require an optimal weather protection. Together with you we find the ideal solution for your special kind of application. We offer proven standard solutions for each current model.


Semi cabins

The weather protection cabins have a rigid front screen made of safety glass with steel or aluminium frame, an electrical windscreen wiper and a PVC enclosure. The PVC parts are connected by rotative swivel and zippers, in view to remove or to add parts easily. The spare part supply is thus simplified and you can exchange all parts by yourself.

For maintaining the roadworthiness of the industrial trucks, all PVC parts are designed with greatest possible poly-glass parts. The poly-glass is type approved by the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles.

For producing the cabins, we comply with the special customer requirements, to create an ergonomic working place for the driver.

The PVC cabins are attached to the chassis of the forklift by keder rails or with the help of self-adhesive velcro tape. The keder rails are made of aluminium profile for inserting the PVC parts. The rails are rivetted or screwed to the driver's protection roof of the forklift truck.

It is also possible to equip or repair cabins of other manufacturers with Schall PVC parts. Individually cutted assembly parts are available.


Full cabins

This cabin type offers high comfort, optimal weather protection and maximal driver-protection.

This cabin also consists of a rigid front frame screen made of safety glass with steel or aluminium frame and an electrical windscreen wiper. The front screen is geometrically adapted to the contour of the protection cabin, in view to keep the design of the forklift truck.

The roof part is made of a steel metal structure with integrated viewing window made of safety glass or macrolon. For forklift trucks with electric motor, a skylight is installed into the roof part, in view to replace the battery without problems with the help of a cargo gear.

The rear frame of a steel cabin can be designed in 3 different ways. The easiest design is a rigid rear frame made of safety glass which can also be equipped with a windscreen wiper on demand. This possibility can only be chosen if no functions of the forklift truck are impaired. If required by the operation of the forklift truck, the rear screen has to be designed foldable or slidable.

The steel doors of the full cabins are generally equipped with sliding windows and additional window areas made of safety glass, in view to keep the driver's full sight field. The steel door is made of a geometrically adapted steel sheet, reinforced by inner bars. The door locks are inserted into the bars.

As all steel parts will be powder coated, individual colours (according to RAL) are available. The components can be equipped with a sound absorbing interior panelling which also upgrades the cabin optically.

Heatings are optionally available for weather protection cabins, for the use during the winter months. If a defroster unit is used, the screens are kept steam-free.