Party tents - elegant tent variants for various applications

For all tent designs high-quality is our first goal to meet your requirements.
Long service life and easy assembly- and disassembly can be assumed.

Tents with the same side length can be connected to bigger units without problem.

Each tent type can be delivered in different colours and you can obtain various supplementary equipment, for example:

  • Interior decoration
  • Wooden floor with aluminium substructure

Here a listing of various applications:

  • Presentations
  • As sales or exhibition booth
  • Garden parties
  • Club parties
Aluminium substructure for party tents   Wooden floor for party tents

Colour samples of the covers

white   cream   sky-blue
mandarin-orange   lemon   red




  • Zeitgemäßes Design durch schlanke Aluminiumprofile und beschichtetes technisches Gewebe
  • Ständige Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten aufgrund modularer Konstruktionslösungen
  • Individuelle Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten durch Form-, Farb- und Funktionsvarianten
  • Hohe Standsicherheit selbst bei Orkanstärke und Schnee
  • Wartungsfrei und pflegeleicht