The word "Glamping" refers to the idea of glamourous camping. Camping is popular as always, however a lot of campers want to make holiday close to nature "in a tent" but prefer a pleasant ambience with generous space and noble facilities.
Our range of glamping products is aiming at camping and caravan site operators who need robust and long-living tents with excellent quality.  The Schall glamping tent is based on the Schall Multi-Purpose Tent type EHZ II which is in sucessfull operation since many years. Initially, the Multi-Purpose-Tent EHZ II was developped for the German Armed Forces. It can be operated in all climatic areas of the world. After approval and introduction at the German Forces, the Multi Purpose Tent EHZ II continued its success story at Armies all over Europe. It is suitable for snow loads up to 100 kg/m² and wind loads up to 180 km/h and is, with a sold quantity of 4000 units, the mostly used functional tent of European Armies.

We supply the clamping tent in its base design or equipped with various installations up to a turnkey "hotel room", as required by the customer.


In the following some exemplary floor plans:

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